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"OMG so good! Kids gobbled them all up and I only got one cookie!"

- Sarah

"A lot of people think that vegan food is boring. These cookies are not boring!"

"I think I'm addicted to your treats!"

- Saskia

- Wendy

"My husband couldn't tell they were GF!"

"Literally the best vegan dessert I've ever had."

- Stephanie

- Kathy

"Ugh I wanna spoon feed that caramel to myself."

"I am officially OBSESSED. I've never ate something so delicious."

- Morgan

- Emily

"Your cookies are just life."

- Iain

"You should open a bakery."

- Laura

About Sweet Apothecary

All it takes is a little magic...

Hi! My name is Marissa. And while I don't use any actual spells to create my baked goods (despite what some may claim!), I do believe in the magic of a homemade dessert - especially for those who are used to going without.


Instead, each recipe has been perfected without the use of eggs, dairy, nuts, soy, and gluten through hundreds of trials & experimentation. And lots of taste-testing too!

I keep my recipes simple, uncomplicated, and entirely plant-based. And I promise everything is delicious too - I would never serve or share a recipe for anything I would not or could not eat myself!


All the goodies I make are safe for vegans, and those with the most common food allergies, so I can eat them too. I have been anaphylactic to nuts since birth, and discovered a severe soy allergy after going vegan in 2018. Then, in September 2020, I went gluten-free as well to resolve some gut-health issues.


Over the past two years, many amazing vegan and/or gluten-free bakeries & restaurants have opened here in Barrie, but there was still nothing I could eat that covered all my dietary needs. So, I decided to make my own.

Sweet Apothecary Bakery started in my home kitchen, and is on its way to being so much more because of the love and support of my community - and just the littlest bit of kitchen witch magic too. ;)

You can always message me to place special orders for pick-up, or hop over to my Blog for recipes & tips to make your own treats! Check out our Facebook and Instagram for peeks into what I can bake for you, pop over to our product page for a list of our signature flavours, or just shoot me a note with any questions you have! :)

Now, let's bake some happy...

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