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Special Seasonal Treats:

We love celebrating special times of the year, and will always have at least a couple seasonal goodies available for a limited time around different holidays. Pop over to our Facebook Page or Instagram to check out what we've got cookin', contact us for a full treat list, or shoot us a note with a special order you'd like to pick up!

Our Signature Flavours:

The desserts below have established themselves as customer favourites, and are available year-round for special order porch pick-up!


Cake Pops & Mini-Cakes

Cookie Dough   |   Triple Chocolate

Our cake pops are made of the very best cakes crumbled and rolled with delicious frosting, then dipped in allergen-free chocolate, to create the perfect bite-sized treats! AND we now offer mini-cakes: 4" two-layer cakes decorated to look like a ginormous cupcake! (note: pops have min order of 8)


Lemon Crinkle   |   Chocolate Chip

Our cookies are freshly baked daily, and available in a variety of flavours. We have the classic Chocolate Chip (with occasional added sprinkles of seasonal treats), and light-as-air Lemon Crinkle cookies too! (min order of 12)

Squares &  Tarts

Millionaire Bars   |   Butter Tarts (coming soon!)

I don't shy away from the classics! The millionaire bars sandwich homemade salted tahini caramel between a base of GF shortbread, with a topping of hardened dark chocolate. And, we have almost perfected our butter tarts - soon to be the only vegan, nut-free, & gluten-free butter tarts (I've been able to find) in a 2 hour radius of us here in Barrie! (min order of 12 bars - tarts coming soon!)


"OMG so good! Kids gobbled them all up and I only got one cookie!"

- Sarah

"A lot of people think that vegan food is boring. These cookies are not boring!"

"I think I'm addicted to your treats!"

- Saskia

- Wendy

"My husband couldn't tell they were GF!"

"Literally the best vegan dessert I've ever had."

- Kathy

- Stephanie

"Ugh I wanna spoon feed that caramel to myself."

"I am officially OBSESSED. I've never ate something so delicious."

- Morgan

- Emily

"Your cookies are just life."

- Iain

"You should open a bakery."

- Laura

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